HUMAN INTEGRATION is an Argentine organization with a global reach, which has been appointed as an Embassy of Peace, which encourages the entire Development of the Human Being as well as that of its Community, by spreading and putting into practice virtues and values such as Peace, Encounter, Cooperation, Dialogue, Respect and Union in Diversity.

The Organization was born in 2011, founded by communicator Verónica Willenberg, Ambassador of Peace, Journalist, Member of Living Peace International and the Peace Council of Argentina, Vice President of the World Peace Forum’s Argentine Chapter and Professor of the International Biocentric Foundation. Consultant and Speaker within the frame of Campaigns, Events and Entrepreneurships of Human Wellness and Peace Culture.

Peace Culture


From Human Integration, we work daily towards building bridges among people of different communities, cultures and beliefs, providing activities which facilitate a growing understanding and respect among those who think, express themselves, feel and act differently.

Our values


We disseminate and cultivate values ​​that promote the Peace Culture. We believe in an Active Peace, based on Trust, Commitment, Consistency, Gratitude, Appreciation, Affectivity, Solidarity, Ethics, Justice, Dialogue and Respect for Diversity. All practices that facilitate Cooperation and Encounter, indispensable pillars for humans to live in Peace.




Comprises an interdisciplinary group of professionals with broad backgrounds in the fields of Health, Education, Communication, Arts, Sustainability and Peace Culture. We work together in order to deepen and spread Humanity’s Wellness

Well Being


Education for Peace

Biocentric Pedagogy


The Biocentric Principle is a paradigm that tries to explain that everything existing in the universe is organized according to Life (the Universe exists because Life exists and not the other way around).

It places the Care of Life in the Center of all human activities, in particular Sciences, Education, Health, Economy and Jurisprudence and Personal Development.

It is the approach from which we share our appreciative gaze, to generate integrative proposals that allow us to Co-create a Culture of Peace.



At our HUMAN INTEGRATION Org we develop projects of international reach, such as the SEEDS OF PEACE Program, which aims at massively spreading the Culture of Peace and encouraging its practice through Seedbeds included in the Platform and Sowers who foster it.


Group proposals


Welfare Dynamics for Events

Workshops and Retreats

Thematic Seminars

Proposals for Organizations and Companies


Through the professional advice that collaborates in the process of "alignment, integration and expansion of potential" in the framework of Entrepreneurs, Companies, Institutions and Organizations, the group dynamics of Human Integration, constitutes a bridge towards the positive transformation of people and equipment of work.

Advice on Human Integration

Retreats in Nature

Thematic Seminars and Content for Events


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Buenos Aires, Argentina.

An immense Human Network united by the values ​​that promote Peace and Wellness for all Humanity.


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